Blade & Soul’s Steel Bonds update is now live

Road trip with my robot escort!

The first part of the Steelbreaker raid in Blade & Soul lies broken behind you. It doesn’t lie lifeless behind you, or at least, not much more so than before; it was stuffed with a whole lot of robots, after all. They weren’t alive before. But maybe the robots in the second half of the raid are a little more living, something you can find out for yourself as it’s the central feature of the game’s newest patch.

The update also brings new adjustments to items and systems, including a path toward getting more points for enhancing your skills and a new set of legendary weapons to refine. Add in the usual collection of patch events, and the Steel Bonds update is… not a land of contrasts, really, just a land full of robots for you to violently demolish. But it’s very full of robots, until you make it significantly less full of robots.


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UE4 When?


I can’t really tell you. I still think it’s being fined tuned over there though.