Kickstarted MMORPG Crowfall moves from pre-alpha to alpha today


Goodbye pre-alpha, hello alpha: ArtCraft is officially pushing Crowfall into the next stage of testing. It hasn’t been without its setbacks – MMO vets will remember that the game was one meant to soft launch a good four years ago and has been delayed repeatedly – but in the last year alone, the game has been charging toward finalizing features, with its most recent test phase even impressing our PvP columnist. In fact, ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman is quoted in the press release today saying, “[The] game today fulfills the original vision almost exactly as we described it in our Play To Crush manifesto, the genesis of our Kickstarter vision.”

“The Alpha milestone marks the completion of Crowfall’s last major gameplay system, the Dregs, now in testing on the Crowfall game TEST environment. The Dregs is at the heart of what makes Crowfall unique among MMOs, an intensely competitive guild vs guild campaign world impacted by the strategic moment-to-moment choices made by every player involved. […] During Alpha, ArtCraft is focusing on infrastructure and performance. On deck is Closed Beta, at which point the team turns its attention to validating the core gameplay experience. Closed Beta marks the point when the company starts inviting in the registered players to play Beta, currently a group of 350,000 people. They will join the 65,000+ Crowfall players who backed the game and are able to play now and forever. For the competitive PvP gamers interested in joining the Closed Beta, players are urged to register now to reserve a spot in the Closed Beta before the game launches.”

Do note if you backed the game in the pre-alpha through beta 3 test groups, you should be able to log in and check out the current state of play for yourself.

Source: Press release, newsletter
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