Amazon is pulling another game back for a do-over – this time it’s Crucible

Gun or run.

So here’s the good news: Amazon isn’t throwing Crucible in the trash the way it did with Breakaway.

But the bad news is that it’s going back into beta for a do-over more akin to New World’s. Actually, if you care about the game, this is also the good news, since you’re surely aware that the game had next to zero traction in the market, in spite of hyping its way through pandemic season.

“Starting tomorrow, Crucible is moving to closed beta. We’ll continue following the roadmap we laid out previously and working on map, combat, and system changes to improve the Heart of the Hives experience as well as implementing other improvements based on your feedback and what we think the game needs in order to thrive. For the most part, your experience as a Crucible player will stay pretty much the same while we’re in beta. One of the biggest changes you’ll see is that we’re going to schedule dedicated time each week when we as devs will be playing with the community and soliciting feedback. The game will be accessible 24/7 so you can continue to self-organize matches with other players—we recommend joining our Discord server to find players to queue against. You’ll still launch Crucible through Steam (you don’t even need a new download), you’ll keep all the progress and customization items you’ve already earned, and the battle pass, reward tracks, and in-game store will continue to be supported.”

Amazon says it’s putting together a community council for feedback; it’s encouraging gamers to grab the game tonight to enlist in the new beta.

Oh, fun bit for you MMORPG fans: It’s signed by Amazon’s Colin Johanson.

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