The Daily Grind: Do you pine for a lost era of a specific MMO?


A few weeks back, I saw a Reddit thread from a fellow MMO gamer who missed a specific version of Guild Wars 2. “Players everywhere, lots of dev communication, was pretty normal to see devs running around on the world, WvW always full, fun battles, lots of siege involved, dungeons were hard back then, took like an hour to do Ascalonian Catacombs because we’re new and didn’t know anything,” he wrote, scoring many ups in the process.

He got an up from me too because I also miss that period of Guild Wars 2. I remember before the game hit beta and I still earnestly believed every weapon would be equally viable for the classes that could use them, hah. But even when I separate out that “new game smell,” I still loved that early feel of the game when the overworld was bustling and no one was super jaded yet.

Do you pine for a lost era of a specific MMO?

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Jeromai _

I dearly miss GW2 before raids, before they decided to turn themselves into a carbon copy of typical MMOs, bringing in a less friendly and accepting type of culture and community as a result.

I also miss GW2 before megaserver, because you get a certain kind of neighborly community when you keep running into the same names and recognize each other, as opposed to being dropped into a morass of a sea of names of strangers, none of whom you’re ever liable to see again.

These little things influence peoples’ behaviors in subtle ways, but lead to big knock on effects.

Warren Smith

SWG pre NGE, shortly after (master) chefs finally worked. I got master chef the week before the fix, the battle for glorious food made me and the only other master chef ‘millionaires’ almost instantly. Great times!

Bryan Turner

GW2 before Raids, WoW before Cataclysm.


First 3-6 months of any MMO are always the best

But, I pine most for shadows of angmar era LotRO. That was when the combat system and itemisation had the most depth, it was when player skill counted for the most. The PvP was still very active, we were still learning the raids, it was still subscription-only so the community was at it’s peak. Plus, back then, the EU servers were still being run by Codemasters, and their support and forums were superior to Turbine’s.

Beyond that, I miss the general 2003-2008 era when it seemed like there was a new AAA MMORPG coming out every couple of months.


I pine for a lost era of MMO when I was young, having an exciting experience with other players, enriching the gameplay as we went.


I pine for an era where games I am playing now will move onto something better in the near future. And not dwell on any past, instead…

Castagere Shaikura

Back at launch just with the base game. Leveling from 1 to 80 was a blast. Lots of people doing world bosses. Then it became another crap wow clone with raids and the crappy expansions with unbalanced gameplay. I don’t just blame it on Arena net either. You had the minority of the player base screaming for it to be more like a no sub.version of wow. So they listened and now the game is just a AAA niche game. So many f2p players only play the base game and refuse to buy the unbalanced expansion. You go to the forums and see post from new players complaining about how the mobs in the expansions are almost unkillable unless you have the best gear.

Kickstarter Donor

Not exactly, but I think most of us pine for that time when our favourite MMO’s were new and we were just falling in love with what they had to offer, as that is a feeling we would all love to hang on to.


New MMO smell. It’s been a while at this stage since I logged into something new with genuine excitement. Fallen Earth was probably the last one.


Guild Wars 1, pre-Nightfall … Factions was absolutely awesome

Aion 3.x was magical.
Early 4.x it got a bit … tarnished (but still interesting)… past 4.5 it was just “Nope I’m outta here”

FFXIV 4.x – ok Stormblood’s story wasn’t much but it had the best iteration of the combat system of the game.