Path of Exile tackles Harvest improvements and other general gameplay changes this week


It’s time once again for another wall o’ text series of patch notes for Path of Exile! Thrill to the obscenely granular detail! Wonder at the number of times the word “fixed” is used! And marvel at the replies to the patch notes mostly consisting of people replying with, “Nice!”

Coming in patch 3.11.1b: Another round of Harvest quality-of-life improvements like added currency icons to the Harvest Crafting UI, additional colors to key word highlighting, and a reduced amount of time for the “Harvest Ready” notification, as well as a number of bug fixes, some reduced bloom (who wants bloom in their games anyway? It’s almost as pointless as motion blur), and a wide variety of fixes to skills and the game entire.

Sit down, get cozy, and read up on what’s coming to the ARPG later this week.

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