MMOs you’ve never heard of: War Nomad, LifeBlast, Rise in Time


Care for another round of MMOs you’ve likely never heard of? Sure you are. You’ve got nothing else going on until a certain shadowy land expansion hits, right? Right. Let’s get started.

We first begin with War Nomad a heavily in-development MMO that’s described by the game’s creator as a “small & buggy planet-based space stickman MMORPG with open-world PvP.” The game is “soft released” and the creator says that players should expect some “incompleteness.” After my short few seconds running about, I can absolutely attest to that, particularly since combat involves you aiming your arm and running into foes.

Next up is LifeBlast, a life sim MMORPG set in an urban environment that promises to let players do things like get jobs, run businesses, run for political office, and commit crimes. There’s also promise of a wide variety of houses, clothing, and cars to spend in-game money on, and enough space in servers for players to create a society as they see fit. The team has a Patreon page and a quick preview of LifeBlast City was shared a couple of weeks ago.

Last, we have Rise in Time, an MMORTS that promises a focus on “teamwork, fair competition, and the expression of strategic skill.” Players start off with a small island, an airship, and a small army and are tasked with making it to the center of the world map. Players are urged to team up with each other to explore islands, recruit creatures to their armies, and find artifacts. While the game’s Kickstarter drive ended in failure, the development team is still looking on the bright side, espousing the fact that its community grew significantly during the campaign. Furthermore, the game is completely playable right now, either in-browser or on Android and iOS via Testflight.

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