World of Warcraft connects two EU realms while planning its Heroic raid testing for Shadowlands

This. Is. Exhausting.

It’s almost time to make sure that heroic raids are sufficiently… well, whatever they’re supposed to be in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It can’t be hard, since there’s a higher difficulty that’s supposed to be harder already, but you can’t queue for them and they still provide a roadblock. But whatever difficulty level they’re supposed to target, the heroic raid testing for Castle Nathria is kicking off on July 23rd, so players in the beta test can see how well-balanced these encounters are ahead of time.

Meanwhile, the low-population realm connections announced before are continuing, with Kilrogg and Hellfire being connected at some point in the upcoming days. For those unfamiliar with the realm connections, this primarily means that players on Kilrogg will now be able to join guilds and directly friend people on Hellfire, with no players losing their names due to naming conflicts or the like. So that’s a good thing.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2)
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