The Elder Scrolls Online previews a whole castle full of the undead with Castle Thorn


Castle Thorn in The Elder Scrolls Online has lots of undead. No, really, it has more undead than that. They’re squirting out of the walls like aerosol cheese cans. You open a door and fifteen ghouls all try to run through at you, except they get stuck like it’s a Three Stooges routine. That’s not what the new preview of the upcoming dungeon literally says, but we assume that’s just to be polite to the dignity of these unholy shambling monsters infesting the castle halls.

Of course, players will still need to fit themselves in, as local occupants around Castle Thorn have been vanishing and fighting undead is just a thing you do in Skyrim. The castle will feature five boss battles and award victors with three different gear sets along with new collectibles and the like. Check out the preview ahead of the Stonethorn DLC launching for PC on August 24th and consoles… some time later. (The actual preview says March 10th, which implies next year but is already acknowledged as a typo. It won’t be seven months between launches. It’ll just feel that way.)


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