Guild Wars 2 has a bunch of sweet anniversary gifts in store for MMO players next week

It’s hard to believe Guild Wars 2 is going on eight years old, but we’ll roll with it if it means a pile of anniversary and birthday presents for super old toons, and it most certainly does! ArenaNet posted a full list of the gifts we can expect this year; for accounts, we’re looking at…

• Celebratory Birthday Enrichment: Apply this enrichment infusion to any ascended amulet for a 15% boost to karma gain and a dazzling celebratory aura.
• Amulet of Celebration: An ascended amulet with selectable attributes to commemorate your deeds.
• Title: Dedicated
•Anniversary Armor Pack: Choose a set of exclusive armor skins.
Two Anniversary Weapon Packs: Choose exclusive weapon skins.
• Anniversary Backpack Pack: Choose an exclusive backpack skin.
• Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock: Unlocks a random wardrobe option.

And as for characters turning eight next week on the 25th?

• Birthday Card: Awards 5,000 karma when consumed.
• Dedicated Dye Kit: Choose an account-bound exclusive dye.
• Two Black Lion Statuettes: Redeemable for a variety of Gem Store items.
• Two Birthday Boosters: Grants the Celebration Bonus effect for one day.
• Five Teleport to Friend Tokens: Use to teleport to a party member’s location.

The studio is planning an anniversary livestream at noon EDT on the 25th – not coincidentally when the underwater mount patch rolls out. Make sure you’re popping into the game to check up on the daily sales, too!


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Castagere Shaikura

How can you find your birthday info?

Diego Lindenmeyer

had to delete my old character(didnt had much on it) to be able to move server without paying lots of money xD


I dont have enough bag space for all the crap I get whenever I log in to claim other crap!

Kickstarter Donor

Neato, never had an infusion before. I can glow! That reminds me that I should probably also log into all my alts to see if any of them have birthday gifts waiting. Only a few are eligible for the latest one once next week rolls around, but I’ve probably got a handful of older birthday packages waiting around for me to redeem.