Neverwinter kicks off a special new sort of campaign with the Redeemed Citadel today


The latest patch for Neverwinter is delivering a different sort of content for players to take part in. It’s a campaign, of sorts, but it isn’t approached via the usual campaign interface or with the usual personal progress. Instead, this campaign is all about the entire server coming together in order to work on the Redeemed Citadel, building the structure up through various tasks, with players marking both server-wide progress as well as their own advancement on a special interface.

Completing all four milestones and achieving the blessing associated with each one will allow players to unlock the aasimar race for use in the future, although there will also be an option to buy that directly from the cash shop if you miss out. It’s a pretty bulky addition to the game, but the patch also fixes persistent bugs and otherwise helps refine the game apart from the central campaign. So get in there and start rebuilding a citadel while enjoying a better game post-patch all around.

Source: Official Site (1, 2), press release
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