‘Circular economy’ MMO Virtuverse schedules public early access test for this fall


Over the past two years, we’ve been lightly tracking the development of Virtuverse, an episodic online sci-fi RPG with a curious business model, and now it looks as though the wider public is going to get to see it first-hand come this fall.

The game’s Early Access 4 test is coming soon, with a backer test running from September 18th through the 21st and a public test scheduled from October 16th through the 23rd. This test will show off Virtuverse’s updated crafting, an overhauled procedural dungeon system, the new Temrance Island, and player housing. The full patch notes are up so that you can see just how massive a change this will be for the game.

Virtuaverse bills itself as an “MMO with a difference,” offering multiple worlds, user-created content, no class restrictions, and a special focus on the economy. “Virtuverse’s circular economy focuses on recycling materials and resources between professions, giving every player a niche to fill.”

Source: Virtuverse, Medium. Thanks Findlay!

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Chosenxeno .

I don’t get this, Entropia or EvE players. Spending Money is not a Player Achievement. Getting you to waste money IS an Achievement for the Developers.

And yes it’s waste. Once the servers are gone so is whatever you thought you owned…

P.S. Don’t talk to me about how EvE is different. I’ve seen the articles on what people have spent.

Salman ahmed

You can play eve online for free . The virtual goods and other stuff that you hold in game is not real life money .so get your facts right

Chosenxeno .

Oh, please. Player Spends $30,000 on Ship. Player Spends $25,000 to max skill character. ect. ect. ect.


Their will always be people who will spend money rather then time to get to the top, what is your point?

Chosenxeno .

Thought I made it obvious in my OP. Stop sending litter to my malbox.

P.S. Read my comment again and then read your last reply..