Crowfall plans guild alliance features, mounts, and mass production crafting features


As the beta test of Crowfall continues to roll on, the folks at ArtCraft Entertainment are keen to add what it considers to be “must have” features to the game. One such feature is the ability for guilds to form alliances with one another, which is planned to arrive to the game soon.

Guild alliances work pretty much as one would expect them to: A new in-game interface will let guilds link up, with an alliance consisting of as many as five guilds in total. Players in these alliances gain benefits like no penalties for friendly fire and access to city resources without the risk of being attacked by guards, while the guild will still retain its victory points whether the alliance holds firm or disbands. To that point, joining or breaking an alliance is an apparently simple thing to do, which could lead to what the devs hope will be “political plots and intrigue on a massive scale.” Furthermore, alliances don’t sustain themselves between campaigns — an allied guild in one campaign may be a sworn enemy in another campaign.

The next beta update will also introduce a variety of quality-of-life features such as the ability to ride mounts in to battle, the addition of Faction Chests, and a new UI feature for crafters that will let them mass-produce materials.

source: Kickstarter

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I’m more interested in the next patch after alliances (6.2) where they are going to work on performance and a much needed ability tree/runes revamp.

They are technically correct that most of the main features are in the game, as in they exist, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

Most, if not all, of the game systems need more than a minor polish pass to be considered complete.

Example: Mount graphics are coming in the next patch and the mount speed buff exists, so you could say mounts are technically in the live game when the patch drops.
Only basic horses are actually in game, and the animations still need work. The promised Warhorses, Nightmares and Pack Pigs will come later.

Many of the games systems are like this. Crafting is functional, but rough around the edges. Gathering needs tuning. Not all of the combat abilities are functional 100%. No variety of campaigns. Class trees are just messy and ugly.

Heck, one class has a two handed sword graphic missing. That class can only use two handed swords, so invisible weapon. (Modern MMO with only one weapon choice for a whole class? WTF?)

They have quite a ways to go yet.

Jo Watt

I tend to log in maybe once or twice a year. And honestly every time I log out within minutes. The game runs bad, looks bad, feels bad. At times its a feeling of. .. has anything actually been done.

I’m sure it will eventually finish but man it feels like it will be a while.

Brown Jenkin

Not to argue with ya as I’ve often felt that way about Crowfall, but have you been back recently?

Brown Jenkin

Nice post, this is one of the better critiques of the current state of Crowfall that I’ve seen! First and foremost I’d agree that the current state of the game lives up to the promises made during the kickstarter, maybe even surpasses them. In many ways if you enjoyed Shadowbane and are looking for the spiritual successor of that game, Crowfall absolutely meets that aim.

That being said there’s a ton of room for improvement and we’ll see over the following months what those improvements will look like. I’d personally been away from Crowfall for the better part of a year and frankly I’m super impressed with what I’ve returned to find. The new player experience is a solid step in the right direction, separating this game from some of its previous successors in terms of teaching players how to play rather than just dropping them into a murder box, there’s still lots to be done (I guess still 2/3 of the NPE is missing) but its a great step. I’m excited to see mounts for sure, and can’t wait to see how much different they make the game world feel (since mechanically they already kinda exist). On the other hand performance is a HUGE problem for a game like Crowfall, one that, if they can’t figure it out will tank the game. You can’t have a game about clan wars where folks can’t gather in large groups to fight. Another big “wait and see” thing for me is class balance, I look forward to seeing the changes in 6.2 as class balance always says something about how developers envision their game imo.

Ultimately I think one of the biggest questions for Crowfall is whether or not the concept will fundamentally WORK. Like, I love the eternal characters, dying worlds concept, but we’ll see how it works out and whether or not they can find a sufficient line between incentivizing long term play and keeping the playing field flat and fair.