EVE Online rolls out the first phase of quantum cores with today’s patch


Structures inĀ EVE Online should not be haphazardly deployed as bait for confusion. That’s the basic idea behind the addition of quantum cores, putting more stakes in the placement and maintenance of structures so that destroying them has a more substantial impact. Today marks the first phase of the quantum core rollout, so players can buy them and start stocking up, but they won’t be mandatory for new or existing structures just yet; that will be rolled out in later updates.

Still, now would be a good time to start preparing for getting those quantum cores installed, with every structure having a valuable chunk at the heart for enemies to loot so that you no longer just place walls of structures to waste time. You can read through the whole development blog if you’re curious about exactly how quantum cores will be needed once the full deployment is online; for now, just start stocking up.


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