Path of Exile explains its structural changes for patch 3.11.2

Welcome to the Heist.

The upcoming patch 3.11.2 for Path of Exile does not have a catchy name. It will also require a complete re-download of the entire game (although you won’t have to manually uninstall and reinstall), which means you would kind of hope that it has a lot of neat stuff in it… but it doesn’t. No, it’s all a backend and technical patch, but the latest article from the developers takes the time to point out how these changes will ultimately improve things for players even if this particular patch is a lot of downloading for not much.

Players can look forward to faster patching and more efficient pre-loading, as well as a new compression method for textures that should produce a sharper overall look to the game’s textures. There are also improvements to sound quality and several minor engine improvements along the way. All of these are good things, and since the coming Heist update is assuming all of these improvements will be in place, it seemed wise to launch this patch and iron out any issues now rather than on the Heist launch day. For the record, Heist is coming out on September 18th.


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Bryan Turner

How do you Face Tank in this game? Every other game I have zero problems playing as an in your face bruiser such as Diablo 3, Grim Dawn, and Wolcen? I try playing my preferred style I get murdered a few steps outside that first main town, it’s sort of a deal breaker for me as a new player; I do not do ranged.

Jeremy Barnes

the first town? That sounds…unusual. I wouldn’t even be sure what to tell you. I’ve never taken that much damage so whatever is happening for you is outside of my ability to conceptualize for that point in the game.

I’m gonna have to say that POE isn’t the game for you.


PoE is all about constant moving (mostly by using movement skills) combined with some aoe setup. Rush rush, boom, rush rush boom, skip skip skip, rush rush boom. The game used to be more interesting, but this is how it is played now.
So anyways, if you want to facetank, PoE is not the game.


So I played my first serious character in Delirium. I think PoE is a really great ARPG. Even picked up Orion supporter.

Except… when I signed back in after Harvest I found out the character I had spent hundreds of hours building with towering threat passives was completely ruined.

Kinda killed my hype to play anymore. But who knows, maybe they’ll give us other ways to stack size that don’t rely on temp buffs or unobtainable items from ad decade ago?

I’ll gladly download it again once they do.