RuneScape assumes responsibility for the oddment ‘exploit,’ discusses Penguin Hide and Seek rework


Yesterday saw the devs of RuneScape offer up another weekly livestream about a rework to Penguin Hide and Seek, but before it launched in to that, it circled back around to an update regarding the punishment of a few hundred accounts due to what was thought to be an exploit of oddment pricing but was just simply bad math. According to an update to the original announcement, the punishments meted out against those who were found to be abusing the mistake will still stand but the devs will do better.

“Whilst we take responsibility for the mechanics not working as intended, we do ask that in these situations (which do happen from time-to-time) you let us know if something doesn’t seem right. And a big thanks for those who did exactly that this time.”

As for the issue at the heart of this matter, a hotfix was deployed on August 24th and discounts on Treasure Hunter keys in the Oddments Store have been disabled for the time being barring any further adjustments such as a daily item purchase cap.

As for the primary focus of the devstream, Penguin Hide and Seek will be back next week with a whole rework which adds a rewards shop interface with new and returning rewards, a chance at an instance 007 penguin spawning near a found penguin for two more Penguin Points, and randomly spawning secret agent penguins that are also worth two points. The penguins have also been redesigned from being more mischievous to being more innocent, and there’s a new Penguin Spy Device that offers several functions to aid in finding penguins.

Finally, the end of the stream provided a teaser for new content next week as well, mentioning that players will have to have completed Desperate Measures to play what’s next. There’s a rundown on Reddit or you can watch the full stream below.


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