Path of Exile offers up its balance change manifesto ahead of the Heist league

With or without Ryan Lewis.

It’s almost time for players in Path of Exile to be dressed in dashing clothing as they scamper through elaborate setups to snatch valuable objects, since the next league update is Heist. That also means that the developers have taken the opportunity to adjust some elements of the game that were either becoming too dominant or not dominant enough, just gently nudging balance here and there. For example, Glancing Blows now let more damage through than before, as previously it was too easy to wind up with unintentionally high defense for lesser investment.

Other changes include improving flat life regeneration values to be more competitive with percentage-based values, grouping of ailment improving effects to require more straightforward investments, and changing Reduced Visibility to Stealth and making you more visible even with stacked values. Check out the full rundown on the official site, especially to see if the build you were planning for this particular league is going to require some different balancing to work correctly. The update drops on Friday, so you’ve got a little time.


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