RuneScape’s latest patch offers an exciting trailer of bug fixes

Another postcard, with... yaks.

A video! A trailer! Thrill to the excitement of RuneScape… fixing bugs! Yes, the latest update for the game is mostly about bug fixes, but it still gets a cute little Twitter video, so that’s a mark of love. Slayer introspection has been fixed! Rabbit immunity has been removed, so you can attack them once again! Fletching bugs have been fixed! Thrill as the game works as intended!

There are other changes, though; they’re minor ones, but they are in there! Adding an option to the mobile client allowing you to see your battery status and connection level is, of course, not a whole lot more exciting than bug fixes, nor is reviewing your Summoning points via your Clan Citadel’s Obelisk. But they are still quality-of-life improvements, and more importantly, all of this still did get a trailer! Sort of. Look, it’s bug fixes, have some fun with it.


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