Star Citizen Live discusses the features of alpha 3.11 and patch plans for the new build


This weekend saw yet another episode of Star Citizen’s livestream with members of CIG, and this one’s all about the release of alpha 3.11, or more specifically, the things that will be updated and adjusted moving forward.

One of the marquee features of the new alpha build is the force system which sees player characters shift due to inertia or get bowled over when hit by larger forces. In the future, this system will be expanded upon to include g-forces, leading to player characters getting knocked out when exerted to too many g’s, as well as force reactions to train movement.

The update also introduced the removal of armistice zones, which will also be further expanded to include a “heat” system that keeps track of a player’s local criminal activity to have a landing zone’s turrets respond accordingly. Future adjustments will also include allowing missile lock in green zones but not landing zones, adjusting the rules around GrimHEX to be more appropriate to its brand of loose law, and a relaxation of interior green zones to allow players to draw weapons and open fire, along with an appropriate reaction to such behavior.

The video also acknowledged a number of bugs that need to be ironed out regarding local deliveries, party markers (which may not be fixed in time for alpha 3.11b), and player bounty markers (which should be adjusted by next year), and confirmed that the new grenade launcher is due for a balancing.

Those are a few of the highlights; you can get the full broadcast below.

source: YouTube

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