New World has kicked off its fall alpha test today as patch notes point to reduced leveling speed

Hope for light.

You might have forgotten, but Amazon has one more big New World alpha test lined up this year, and it’s creeping up on us.

“Equipped with a ton of data and feedback from Preview, we are back in development and heading forward into Alpha Testing,” the studio says in a dev blog today. “Like previous Alpha Test phases, this phase will be confidential as we implement changes, experiment with design ideas, and break things in the pursuit of making them much better.”

In other words, this event is going to be small and bound by an NDA, but you do have a chance to get in by signing up through the official site; the first wave of invites is slated for today, in fact, ahead of its original November schedule. (“Testers will be invited as needed, the first wave will venture to Aeternum on October 20th.”)

As a bonus, the team has dropped patch notes for this version of the alpha; there are changes to spears, weapon cooldowns, interrupts, hatchets, staves, backstabbing, housing display, the new threat system, gear rarity, and new perks. Leveling has also been slowed down, mind you, but the attribute system has been adjusted accordingly.

Multiple MOP writers checked out New World during its summer preview events, finding both its PvE and group PvP surprisingly solid.

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