Final Fantasy XIV bans gilselling accounts as its free login event rolls out

Purchasers have wrecked themselves, currently wishing they had checked themselves prior

henlo lizert

Gilselling, also known as goldselling, also known as RMT, also known as “that thing you’re not allowed to do in most games and especially Final Fantasy XIV“: What happens when you do it anyway? You get banned. Another ban wave has hit the game, with nearly 400 accounts terminated for advertising these services and just over 2000 terminated for taking part. The lesson here, children, is that you shouldn’t buy in-game currency for real money.

Of course, this means that there’s a bit more space on the game’s servers… so why not fill that space back up with people trying out all the changes that have been wrought recently? The latest free login campaign has kicked off with the now-traditional four days of free subscription from the date of logging in. So long as you’ve been unsubscribed for 30 days and have an account in otherwise good standing, you’re eligible, so feel free to hop in and check out the game for a few days before November 23rd.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Toy Clown

No, no space. Logging in this morning, new botting accounts are being set up and the black mages with the vowel-less names are running around /everywhere/. Sadly, banning the RMT accounts doesn’t do any good as they’re immediately replaced. I feel they should focus instead on players buying the services, which keeps them in business. Or do like other MMOs and allow players to do the buying and selling legitimately.