Elyon aka Ascent Infinite Realm just dropped a new trailer and Korean launch date


We haven’t heard a whole lot from Krafton’s in-bound MMORPG Elyon, not since the April news that the game had pivoted from being a steampunk-fantasy MMO dubbed Ascent Infinite Realm into Elyon, an MMO that looks… well, a lot more like TERA.

In any case, Krafton has just dropped a new trailer for the game, promising “in-depth character skill customization,” a “full-action combat system,” and PvP in the form of faction vs. faction and guild vs. guild. In spite of the Korean beta this past summer, we haven’t gotten much else official over here, and most of what we know comes from bilingual vloggers, not Krafton.

We’re not getting gobs more today, apart from a sweet subtitled trailer that shows off the aesthetics and combat of the game. The studio told Korean players today that it’s launching December 10th with a buy-to-play-plus-cash-shop business model, though we still have no dates for the West. But it’s something to tide us over while they hopefully do something with the official website. Happy humpday!

Source: Twitter
Here we go! Now there’s an announcement and preorder up on the official Korean site, along with the launch date (in Korea) of December 10th.

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Toy Clown

I’m sad this game no longer resembles what it was first touted as, a steampunk MMO. Looks like a copy and paste of any other Korean fantasy MMO now.


Everytime I see this game shown I die a little inside because of how it’s not steampunk anymore. Generic as all hell now and with that hideous korean mmo glow.


Oh boy another Korean MMO looking to grab cash from the Western audience while completely ignoring any feedback or desires we might have regarding the game. I’m sooooo excited.

Kakao and Pearl Abyss were easily the worst parts of Black Desert. Like the sheer levels of incompetence was a huge joke throughout the entire community. Can’t imagine playing another game managed by Kakao.