Nexon Q3 2020: Strong revenues and expectations for MapleStory and V4 growth


It turns out all Nexon had to do to see a great quarter was cancel everything you wanted to play, fire a bunch of people overseas, and retreat to the safety of mobile! OK, I’m exaggerating a smidge, but if you’ve been following Nexon the last few years, you know that’s kinda how 2019 went down, following the patriarch’s failed attempt to sell the whole company off. Fortunately for the owners – and the shareholders – the third quarter of pandemic hell year was a strong one.

Nexon says its revenues were in line with its expectations, even though it had to delay the mobile Dungeon & Fighter title, making it the strongest third quarter it’s seen to date. North America and Europe make up only 7% of that revenue, while mobile revenues are creeping up on PC incomes.

As for next quarter? The company is already expecting “triple-digit growth” for MapleStory and “double-digit growth” for MapleStory’s mobile game year over year in the west. “Expect to benefit from V4,” the investor presentation notes.

And for those of you wondering about Final Fantasy XI R? It’s still flagged among the company’s pipeline titles, but no other details are on offer.

Source: Nexon IR

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Fernando Ferreira

Is the first image of the article an actual game? I love that art style!


Hmm, might be Nexus
that was one of Nexons first games before it branched out to KRU. They also got Dark Ages

Fernando Ferreira

Hmmm, it really looks like it! Thank you!