Last Oasis is launching on Xbox Series consoles early in 2021, PC wipe slated for Sunday


Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis has had a bumpy ride since its B2P early access rollout last spring, losing the vast majority of its player concurrency since. But now studio Donkey Crew has big plans to expand the game – to a new platform.

Last Oasis will be coming to Xbox One as well as the next generation Xbox Series X and Series S in Q1 2021,” the studio wrote on Steam. “More so, the game will support cross-play from day one, allowing everyone to play together regardless of the platform on both official and private servers.”

In the meantime, PC players can expect a full wipe of the servers this coming Sunday, on official and private servers alike. The accompanying update adds the base walker packers, improvements to structures, a rebalance for multiple types of gear and vehicles, better climbing animations, and plenty more.

Source: Steam, patch notes. Cheers, Wesley.

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