New Dungeons & Dragons movie provokes teasing between Star Trek Online and Neverwinter

Not my Kirk!


If you were, erm, pining for a new Dungeons & Dragons movie, then prepare your mind for the thrills that are to come with a new big-budget feature film that’s in the works. It’s drawn some attention this past week, thanks to the announcement that Chris Pine has been attached to star.

Of course, this move amusingly cheesed off the people working on Star Trek Online (and started a rivalry in the Cryptic offices. Pine, after all, rocketed to fame thanks to his Star Trek movie stardom.

To which, Star Trek Online said, “Nerd!” and Neverwinter replied “The correct term is ‘wizard'” and then it devolved into a lot of geeky picture-wagging. So wholesome.

Of course, D&D fans have not one, but two MMOs to sate their fantasy cravings: Neverwinter and Dungeons and Dragons Online.


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Adam Russell

The new star trek movies were terrible. Though Pine isnt to be blamed for that, I can understand him trying to get away from it.


He could probably make a really good Strahd. Got the face for it.


I guess the producers of this film doesn’t understand the hard fact that no D&D movie will ever be a break even or be a success…and Neither Hasbro, Universal or Warner Bros are actually rid of Sweetpea wandering Troll who brought us the laughable 1st D&D movie despite already handing over 5 million dollars…hell there were still post trial arguments earlier this year.

TLDR: Don’t get your hopes up or come to the conclusion that it will most likely suck and blow.

Bryan Correll

Not my Kirk!

Clearly Shatner would be much more entertaining in a D&D movie.

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Chris Neal

Imagine the scenery chewing battle that would happen if Shatner and Jeremy Irons were in a D&D movie together.


I’d rather see Shatner and Walken.


I’d be all for Walken as a Wizard.

“I’m a… Wizard, boy. And I like to… cast… ‘Expeditious Walkin’.”