Path of Exile recaps all its expansions leading up to tomorrow’s reveal


The next big chapter in Path of Exile’s history is set to be unveiled on January 7th, as Grinding Gear is hosting a livestream on that date to reveal the game’s upcoming expansion.

But if you’re new on the Path of Exile train or your long-term memory has taken a severe hit over the holidays, the studio would like to take you on a refresher course of all of the releases that have led up to this moment. In a post littered with trailers and navel gazing, Grinding Gear recapped the last five years of expansion releases for the online ARPG, showing how the game’s developed to date.

The recap starts at 2016’s Atlas of Worlds expansion, which the studio sees as a critical moment in the game’s history: “We wanted to design a system that would unify these maps through story and mechanics and also provide new ways for players to visualise their progress and have to have more control over their gameplay. Thus, the Atlas of Worlds was created, introducing dozens of new maps and 19 new bosses — including the guardians and Shaper which represented the hardest content in Path of Exile at the time.”


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Tee Parsley

Sadly, I find too many boss fights to be simon-sez bore-fests. Looks like that’s mostly what they are going for here.