Destiny 2 offers a look at changes to various reward sources and Stasis skills in PvP


The weekly newsletter from Bungie is back after the holiday break, and in this first digest of 2021, players of Destiny 2 are getting a closer look at several adjustments to how players get rewards as well as a few changes to Stasis skills in PvP.

The lion’s share of the post is about rewards, with a variety of weapons and armor items returning for Season 13 in various instances within the Dreaming City and the Moon, two new unique weapon rewards being added to Gambit, Crucible, and strike playlists, and visible rank rewards at each of the three ritual’s vendors arriving in Season 13. Incidentally, these new rank rewards will mean that Tokens will be a thing of the past, so those who are sitting on a bunch of Tokens will want to cash them in before the next season arrives.

Over on the PvP side of things, the devs continue to outline plans to adjust the overpowered nature of Stasis skills with a reduction of Shatter Dive and Whisper of Fissures potency in update 3.0.2, plans to address “other Stasis ability outliers” and lift up other subclasses in the mid-term, and plans to adjust ability to gunplay balance in the near future as well.


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This is a step in the right direction but they still don’t really get it. Or they do get it and are just being dickish about it and purposely trying to see how far they get away with.

Selling expansions (Forsaken, Shadowkeep) where the majority of the core rewards are dead because of sunsetting was a terrible decision. They had to do something about it. Their decision to correct that with next Season and make some rewards actually usuable was a smart move but implemented awkwardly. The good side is the issues they’re reissuing can roll with new traits on them, giving a purpose to running Shattered Throne again. The bad side is re-issuing weapons and the selection of weapons they chose being pretty terrible outside of one offs. Like adding 2 rocket launchers of all things to the re-issue list is just beyond tone deaf. Someone looked a list of available weapons and specifically chose two rocket launchers. For those unaware, Rocket Launchers are awful and virtually never used outside of a few extreme edge cases so this is like going up to a homeless person and offering them some sandwhiches you dug out the garbage.

In the end it comes back to Bungie simply not fulfilling their end of the bargain. The argument they made for sunsetting actually made sense, they’re just not actually doing it in the way they argued that made sense. Giving us bad weapon bases with bad perk rolls is just not going to work if you plan to get rid of the gun in the year. People just aren’t going to play that game because it’s not fun.

The only thing that’s keeping me logging in/paying attention to this game at this point is pretty much the amazing story they’ve been rolling out over time as part of the seasonal content.

Danny Smith

Year 8 of “they’ll fix it this time, finally this game will be on the right track”. Good lord the hustle never ends with Bungie and people just do not learn.

John Mynard

Still no obvious replacement for my Steelfeather Repeater with Osmosis and Subsistence. I am sad.


Only one that remotely feels close is Arctic Haze.