Mortal Online 2 adds the first taste of character customization and dungeons


Is there anything worse than not being able to customize your character in an MMO? Mortal Online 2 sure doesn’t think there is, which is why the game’s latest alpha patch adds in the earliest version of character customization for players to play around with. Sure, right now it’s just skin, hair, and eye colors, but it’s still nice to have something other than an identikit clone wandering around alongside everyone else playing the game. Baby steps!

You can also take baby steps into the game’s Risar Dungeon, which comes along with adding the first types of the eponymous Risars and gives a taste of what that dungeon will be like when it gets a little more finished. Check out the full patch notes for all of the many things added with this particular update; it’s still early in development, but it clearly is getting big chunks of stuff added along the way.


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Francis Baud

The visuals in this game looks really great imo, some nice sceneries and long draw distance. [1:14]


The environment, topography, cities are really well done. The game is an explorers dream, except for the PvPers.

Malcolm Swoboda

Yeah it actually looks lovely.