Blizzard plucks your nostalgia strings with a new BlizzConline trailer (and merch)


We’re sure that you are all quite aware that BlizzConline is coming on February 19th, but just in case you overslept or something, Blizzard’s ratcheting up the hype for this online-only event — and the studio’s birthday.

This year’s official BlizzCon merch is available for purchase if you want to go broke in a hurry. There’s also a new 30th anniversary celebration collection available for purchase in $20, $40, and $60 packs. These packs include virtual goodies like Hearthstone card packs, Overwatch loot boxes, a Diablo III pet, and a World of Warcraft Snowstorm mount.

The studio also released a trailer for Blizzard’s anniversary, which can be injected right into your veins for a pure rush of nostalgia:

Source: YouTube, Wowhead
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