Blizzard plucks your nostalgia strings with a new BlizzConline trailer (and merch)


We’re sure that you are all quite aware that BlizzConline is coming on February 19th, but just in case you overslept or something, Blizzard’s ratcheting up the hype for this online-only event — and the studio’s birthday.

This year’s official BlizzCon merch is available for purchase if you want to go broke in a hurry. There’s also a new 30th anniversary celebration collection available for purchase in $20, $40, and $60 packs. These packs include virtual goodies like Hearthstone card packs, Overwatch loot boxes, a Diablo III pet, and a World of Warcraft Snowstorm mount.

The studio also released a trailer for Blizzard’s anniversary, which can be injected right into your veins for a pure rush of nostalgia:

Source: YouTube, Wowhead

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IronSalamander8 .

I’ve never gotten onto that ‘Blizzard is/are awesome!!!!’ hype train even back when they were less crap and made good games consistently, so have zero nostalgia for them in the first place. I’ve seen the posts here and in various discords and even many long time Blizzard fans are sick of the cynical cash-grabs and are mocking this thing. It’s almost comically tragic.


The hate is strong in these ones!!!!!!!!


It’s more just a painful reminder of the Blizzard that was, not the Blizzard that is.


‘Nostalgia’ would be a full on press for Burning Crusade Classic.

Not more Poke-Mount shenanigans and ‘opportunities’ to buy more junk from the Cash Shop. Some ‘Thank You’ for 30 years of support.

Bruno Brito

30 years of loyal customership and the gift we get is this halfassed cutout of trailers.

Goddamn it, Brack. At least PRETEND you like us.

Michael Fuchs

I hope they announce the Diablo Immortal release date finally. Seems from what I’ve seen that reviews are pretty good, and a new mobile game that’s not a complete cash grab would be nice.

Kickstarter Donor

So they’ll be showing TBC, Diablo 2, new footage of D4 and OW2, and patch 9.1. Anything else I miss? Did they kill diablo immortal? Lol

Excuse my apathy, but Blizzard has been dead to me since Blitzchung.

kqpk21zznbf41 (1).jpg
Danny Smith

“Remember all these things that used to be good we ran into the ground and in many cases outright abandoned?”

Not giving the vibes i think they intended.