Lord of the Rings Online finally sells War of the Three Peaks DLC for LOTRO Points


Last fall’s War of the Three Peaks release for Lord of the Rings Online should’ve been an exciting moment — but instead it was mired in controversy as SSG decided to market it as a “mini-expansion” that required everyone, including subscribers, to purchase it for cash. As a result, many players (including this author) held off buying it in anticipation of a day when it would become available for LOTRO Points as well.

Happily, that day is finally here. On Thursday, SSG announced that the quest pack and region can be bought for LP (it’s 1995 LP in the United States, which is roughly $20). The DLC includes the Elderslade region, an instance, a raid, the new missions feature, and boar mounts.

And as a pleasant surprise for LOTRO players, Lead Producer Rob Ciccolini will be joining the developer livestream today to talk with fans. He’ll be fielding questions and answers in the same way that he did late last year.

Source: Twitter

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I would really like to know the ratio of Lifetime Subscribers to F2P Players to Subscribers. Along with other metrics related to who is buying what and how many folks are actually playing the new content.

I know we will never get any of that until it all goes to zero. Oh well.

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I assume the boar mounts are still locked behind the obnoxiously pricier tiers?


Yep. To be fair though it’s a vanity mount, they have to make money off something. Might as well be people who think riding around on a hairy pig is cool.


Yeah. the LOTRO Store version does not mention boar mounts at all. I don’t know if there is any version of one available in the region. A rep purchase, maybe? If not, the text of the post above should probably not mention them as part of the DLC that is sold for points.