Ashes of Creation discusses testing snags and world boss creation, showcases new alpha one gameplay


Ashes of Creation recently held yet another development update stream with some more looks at what the folks at Intrepid Studios has been up to for the PvPing sandbox. The devs discussed its second test from last week, which reportedly hit some snags that the team is digging in to. In addition, there was confirmation that some world bosses — one tuned for a party and one tuned for a raid — are being worked on, the latter of which will be arriving with the next alpha test. Players should expect a stern challenge and multiple phases with this encounter.

The vast majority of the stream featured a new look at alpha one gameplay featuring several of the devs getting into some PvE and PvP shenanigans. The video blurb notes that this gameplay applies player feedback on the fireball spell effects and underwater blurring effects, making things less difficult on the eyes from previous gameplay previews. There’s 30 minutes of 4K alpha MMO gaming embedded after the break, while a briefing of the livestream can be found at Ashes Post.


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