Atlas explains the logic behind its new ship system

I'm on a boat.

Boats are kind of important in Atlas, since that’s the main way that players sail between islands and generally engage in piratical operations. The game’s new changes to ship systems have some players already annoyed, though, and so the latest dispatch from the development team explains what the new system is meant to accomplish while reassuring players that the old system for existing ships isn’t going anywhere at this time.

The new system is meant to roll out in three parts, with the first part being pre-built ships that are meant to work with the new Module system once it’s fully deployed. Part two is making Modules something you can easily swap between for different point values, allowing for planned ship customization, while part three allows for players to simply buy a skeleton and kit it out with modules as they desire. Check out the explanation as well as reassurances about single-player experiences in the latest message from the game’s developers.

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