New World alpha teases its overhauled quest design as AGS expands to Canada


When New World shifted its design balance from being less about PvP to more about PvE last year, many MMO gamers worried about the content: Could Amazon Games pump in enough PvE questing to make it play more like a traditional MMO? When the game launches this summer, we’re going to find out for sure, but in the meantime, we can get a hint about the game’s updated quest design thanks to a new dev blog.

AGS says it has four key “pillars” – yes pillars – guiding its vision: to give players identity and purpose, to immerse them in the world, to offer consistent activities, and to celebrate big moments along the progression path. To achieve all those ends, the team says it’s restructured “many” zones so the quests flow better narratively, swapping out generic quests and items for more custom ones, adding midgame quests for unique items, implementing new NPCs and areas, and overhauling the newbie main story questline. There’s also new voiceover work for some quest NPCs, as heard in the video tucked down below.

“In future updates, we will continue to build out the MSQ by adding narrative-driven climatic events through level 60,” the devs write. “These will introduce new enemies, unique objectives to continue to improve quest variety, and new stories for the players to experience on their quest to learn the secrets of Aeternum. As we continue development and improvements, we’ll keep you updated on our social channels and website.”

In other Amazon news, the company announced that it’s expanding with the opening of a brand-new development studio in Montreal, Canada. “The Montreal studio, which joins Amazon Games development studios in Seattle, Orange County, and San Diego, will focus on creating original AAA games,” the company says. “Amazon Games is actively hiring to build out the talented team, with a variety of roles opening.” Incidentally, the press release casually mentions once again that AGS is publishing an unnamed Smilegate title, which we’re still assuming is Lost Ark.


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I really have the feeling that AGS has pretended to delay the release of New World intentionally. As if they wanted to focus on testing core-mechanics and bugs, instead of getting data-mined to death years before the actual release.

I mean, the speed at which they add/replace content, mechanics and systems is too suspicious. Especially (and you can argue with me here but this is my opinion) because the content, engine, assets are very polished.


I mean people so thirsty for literally anything new New World basically can’t fail at this point in terms of sales. Long as they can navigate between WOW Classic TBC and WOW Retail’s big patch there’s no reasons why it shouldn’t be huge sales for them.

However what’s still question it’s longevity by defaulting back to the standard themepark model game design. Most themeparks basically have lived or died on their end game content and while they’re certainly focusing hard on that it seems like I just don’t know if they can design something compelling to a particular audience. Themepark players already have their themeparks and those that don’t historically have shown “more themepark” isn’t a working solution. When we have to ask “Who is this game for?” it generally hasn’t bode well for those games historically.


Yea the initial sales might be good but I believe most people who will buy it will leave it after few months for games which will do same exact things but do them better. Games like ESO, BDO, GW2 and everything else which does questing better, does dungeons better, does instanced PvP better, does large scale PvP better and does character customization better. There is absolutely NOTHING that this game does in a unique way or at least as good as in existing games.

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Man, this is sounding more and more like a traditional MMO with action combat every time I hear about it. That’s not inherently bad, just a bit disappointing that they chose to go that route after the open-world PvP focus was dropped. I’m still here for this and will likely check it out when they have an open beta or whatever.

Surprised to see them spin up yet another studio as well, Amazon ain’t fuckin around with their gaming efforts and seem pretty committed to spending as much money and hiring as many people as they need to get it right. It’s commendable I guess, even if we ignore the reports of huge issues internally with development, and a far sight better than Google’s latest foray into non-mobile gaming : /

steel hunt

pvp gankbox game? No thanks. I would rather get some generic quests with action combat than getting pked randomly in questing area.

I strongly believe PVP in MMO needs to be structured with a clear goal or purpose at the end of a pvp session.

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I had no interest in that either, but I was still hoping they’d try something a bit different than what appears to be a pretty standard second-gen MMO design with some action combat and a unique setting. It’s all been done save the setting (mostly, some smaller games have had similar-ish settings without the magic) before.

Chris Johnson


PVP is NOT a draw for me either. In the game’s original form, I had no interest in it. The changes can only help bring more players to the table, depending on how it’s executed of course.