Ship of Heroes talks up new missions and locations, plans its next open beta event for April or May


The next couple of months could potentially be very interesting ones for followers of the in-development superheroic MMORPG Ship of Heroes. The devs at Heroic Games have put out an update post about their summer plans, which include details about missions, some new location previews, and word of the game’s next beta event.

Missions are the primary focus of the dev team’s attention, with work on five main story arcs that focus on different departments of the ship’s crew, along with high-difficulty solo Challenge Missions, Task Forces, and side missions. Some of the missions being worked on take players to different places on the FHS Justice and will utilize a new bit of Unreal Engine tech known as Replication Graphs, which allow multiple teams in separate instances of a mission to use the same copy of the map and art assets on the server.

On the subject of missions, Ship of Heroes is planning to have another beta event sometime in April or May that will playtest several different kinds of missions including one of the main story arcs, two Challenge Missions, and three holiday missions. This test is planned to be an open affair, though the email we received also indicated that donors to the game will likely be let into this test event a week early. After that, closed beta testing is planned for sometime in the middle of the year, and full launch is still being eyeballed for late 2021.

You can read up more about the game’s progress in the dev blog as well as check out a gallery of images we received below.

sources: press release, official site

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Qu Reynolds

The superhero mmo boat is too crowded. Not only that, these type of mmo are proven failures so why follow that trend? In my humble opinion someone should create a 2D superhero mmo. It has never been done, fresh, new, cheaper, and could be finished much sooner.

Think Final Fight or Streets of Rage with created superheroes with super powers fighting crime in 2D levels with NPCs to rescue, talk to and villains to battle.

Just a opinion


Um… what? How are they “proven failures?” To my knowledge, there’s only ever been a tiny handful of “actually launched” super hero MMOs.

City of Heroes: Never pulled in WoW numbers, but seemed to have an extremely loyal and dedicated playerbase.
Fate: Killed by the the publisher with little warning, speculation is that it was due to “financial concerns.” (Not making enough money, not spending money as directed, or some other reason.)
Result: The game was so badly missed that no less than FOUR spiritual successors were set in motion by various groups, some of which seem like they might still eventually turn into marketable finished products.

DCUO: Not a stellar performer on PC, but apparently quite successful on consoles. Successful enough that it might (possibly) have been the primary source of income for… whatever the hell is going on over at Daybreak games.
Fate: Still operational, and getting semi regular updates, including light cross promotion with related properties from DC comics and movies.

Champions Online: Was briefly considered to be real competition for City of Heroes, but tripped out of the starting gate with a massive Day One patch and apparent identity issues – seemed to be unsure of what exactly it was trying to be or for what audience. Fate: Still live, but in a de-facto maintenance mode with minimal new content. Seems to have been left adrift as the developer focused on newer (and presumably more profitable) titles, but remains online because it *seems* to be able to share resources with those titles and therefore costs very little to keep online.

Marvel Heroes Online: Seemed to be doing well up until they completely gutted the PC version to make it similar to the console version, drastically changing how the game was played and the playstyle of numerous popular characters. Followed by an extended period where it wasn’t even clear what the developers were trying to accomplish as they failed to cross promote with a least a couple of Marvel movie releases.
Fate: Taken out behind the woodshed and shot by the license holder, apparently due to massive mismanagement at the higher levels of the company, followed by a spectacular tire fire of a sunset period as apparently no one left was even sure who was supposed to be making sure the server hamsters were fed.

Marvel Super Hero Squad: closed down, but I can’t comment further as I know very little about the game beyond the fact that A) it existed and B) was aimed at a much younger audience than any other games listed.

So of the ones I know about, one seemed to be doing okay but was killed by the publisher. (An act that fans of the game felt was so “out of nowhere” that they STILL haven’t forgiven it almost a decade later.) Two are still online and seem stable enough at the moment, given their age. Two additional “not really MMO” super hero games DID get shut down, but at least one of those was due to apparently *considerable* problems that had nothing to do with the performance of the game itself.

How exactly is the Super Hero MMO field overcrowded right now? There are two games still operational, and three more being developed. (And as far as I know, all three are a DIRECT result of the closure of City of Heroes.) There’s also the Avengers game, which seems to be failing *entirely* because of bad design and monetization choices. IE, it’s not failing because it’s a super hero game. It’s failing because it’s a *BORING* game with no enemy variety, massive time sinks to progress through the extremely limited variety of maps and enemies, and very little to do beyond unlock new preset heroes and try to get them to max level. (And the devs apparently just announced that they think the problem is that it’s not grindy enough.)

Qu Reynolds

They are failures. Loyal does not translate to success. There is not a single successful superhero mmo.

DCUO has limited funds for development, because they are not making a killing.

CoX shutdown before, enough said

Champions Online has about, 200 players on their server.

Marvel Heroes Omega shutdown

All the successors have yet to release, that=failures until they start doing some damage.


Okay. So you’re going to reply to a thread that hasn’t moved in two weeks to play the “Because I say so!” card. Noted.

If you don’t like the super hero games being developed, don’t play them. If you really want something else instead, your options are: Find something similar (as noted, Dungeon Fighter Online exists) or go make it yourself.

Also, you can’t have it both ways – you say that the Superhero genre is too crowded, and *also* that every single one is a failure. Including the ones that don’t even exist and therefore haven’t failed yet. That’s a contradiction. Either there’s too many successful ones, and no room for more. Or there’s NO successful ones and therefore the genre is wide open.

Qu Reynolds

Yeah, I replied….why does that trigger you?

You are writing novels. I am simply writing short paragraph replies……which are not full paragraphs (3 sentences). It shows this bothers you, by the time you take to write these long walls of text. While, continuing to do what you shun….reply some time later….