Path of Exile’s latest patch improves the game engine in preparation for the Ultimatum expansion


Path of Exile’s engine is getting a little upgrade in patch 3.13.2, promising a variety of improvements like better texture streaming for faster loads, added automation to remove old minimap and shader data, an updated patcher to eliminate some file fracturing, and renderer system updates that have made them roughly 15-20% faster.

As one might expect, this patch is feature-light in terms of gameplay elements, but it ultimately will make POE run a little bit better as well as set up for the upcoming Ultimatum expansion. This patch is expected to land at some point later today, but until then, there are some preview patch notes to pour over. On the subject of that expansion, the devs plan on releasing that to PC on April 16th and console on April 21st, as well as preview the expansion in an April 8th livestream along with a new look at Path of Exile 2.

Aaand now it’s being delayed.


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better texture streaming for faster loads

NOT AGAIN, GOOD LORD PLEASE NOT AGAIN. Seriously, whatever they did do it this league was atrocious and it took far too long for it to get unscrewed. I’m genuinely worried about them giving this another go given the last attempts.

Minimap and shader data is cached per league? What? I’m so confused and want to learn more!

Can’t tell how impactful this might be, but I still want a league where it’s literally just the most basic league mechanic ever (like Ritual!), but rather than a big atlas expansion the whole league is focused on QoL and engine improvements across the board. If it means a lot of the art and some designers don’t have much to do, move them over to PoE2 or start them on the next league or something. But seriously, POE needs absolutely MASSIVE performance and QoL improvements. It’s getting bloody silly at this point. WHY DO I NEED TO MANUALLY PICK UP 20 STACKS OF 2 CADIRO COINS EACH INSTEAD OF LIKE, COMBINING THEM TOGETHER OR LETTING US VACCUM UP CURRENCY. WHY DO I STILL NEED TO SPAM CLICK FUSES 98723498723 TIMES TO TRY TO 6L A BODY ARMOR AND CAUSE MY HAND TO HURT?

It’s been amusing how much less my hand bothers me since I’ve dropped the game, yes I’m still salty at the harvest changes. I’m still gaming just as much, just apparently not spam clicking anywhere near as much as I do in POE.

Vanquesse V

“Minimap and shader data is cached per league? What? I’m so confused and want to learn more!”
This is exactly why that change was needed. Basically every zone you ever entered had the minimap data stored as a separate file in the “my games\path of exile\minimap” folder and as far as I know no automated cleanup was ever done there. Not uncommon to have several thousand tiny temp files in there.

More broadly speaking on poe, I don’t care one bit about the new league, but I’m *really* curious about balance and QoL changes, and the messaging used.
I also wish that the announcement wouldn’t have any poe2 news, as that would make for less distractions in discussing changes.

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Is…this like the chat log that could grow to gigabytes in size over the years that you’d never know about to go clear out? I swear, for how much money they make ($50M profit annually due to apparent accounting wizardry to limit their profitability and avoid taxes) and how the studio has grown this game still has way too much, “We’re a scrappy indie team of a dozen people and a shoestring budget!” going on after so many bloody years.

And agreed, new league is whatever for me. I’m still salty about harvest and may not even bother. I’m much more interested in what will make the game actually more enjoyable to play than I am for how they’re continuing the player power arms-race that nobody is asking for.

I’m fine with some PoE 2 news, it’s been ages since they’ve said anything and an update wouldn’t be bad. They’re pretty clear that beta is next year at the earliest, so as long as they keep that messaging clear I’m fine getting some more details on what to expect. IMO it will be indicative of where the game will be going in the time between the next league and the expansion, and that’s of huge interest to me as I’m very much still on the fence if I even want to stick around with PoE as a serious game.

Vanquesse V

IIRC you can easily have the folder eat up a couple of GB at least, but I clean out mine pretty much every league so I don’t know how bad it could get.
I’m also really curious about poe2, and I don’t think them showing off the sequel now is an attempt at misdirection either, I’d just prefer to keep the discourse on poe 1 balance, and poe 2 hype separate.
If I had to armchair dev on poe a lot of their issues stem from their unwillingness to do band-aid solutions on complex issues. Which is not a problem by itself as long as you get a proper fix out in a decent timespan, but that’s clearly not how things have gone recently. So they’ve been picking up a lot of complex issues to be solved and are quite far behind on fixing them, and we’ve reached a point where the issues are amplifying each other.
Quality and quantity of drops along with crafting issues along with trade issues have lead to a place where it’s difficult to not see poe as a flawed game.
On top of that they seem to think poe is still the game it was 4 years ago in terms of how they speak about it and how they design content for it.
Harvest might be the only time recently they’ve made a league befitting the game as it is right now.

Bryan Correll


Because White Knights don’t understand the difference between “difficult” and “annoying.”