Playable Worlds’ hiring page suggests Raph Koster’s upcoming MMO is a AAA sandbox

With a big ol' Unity-built world and destructible structures to boot

No screenshots yet, obviously.

We’re assuming that we’re destined to hear a lot more about Playable Worlds’ incoming MMORPG in the near future, what with Raph Koster’s promise to do just that this year on top of his “premanifesto” last week. But while we wait for the hype machine to start cranking back up, we can poke around in the company’s hiring pages to see what the game might offer.

We’ve done this before thanks to YouTuber Napyet’s musings on who’s already been hired, which all point to a full-fledged virtual world. But Playable World’s recently updated its career page, seeking everything from producers and artists to client and server engineers.

Notably, the associate producer and producer openings call the game a “sandbox MMO” and ask for passion for “MMOs and sandbox titles” – actually, the producer slot specifically says “MMOs, AAA, and sandbox titles.” The senior server engineer will “work to help connect modern AAA game engines to a custom multiplayer game server” and needs “experience with the Unity game engine,” while the concept artists will create an “immersive MMO play experience.” The environment artist position offers a fun clue as well, as it seeks candidates with “experience with advanced destructible housing and environment systems and pipelines” and “experience with massively multiplayer online games (MMO) with large world requirements.”

None of this will be a surprise given Koster’s background and writings to date, but it’s nice to see it in text.

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