Darkfall Rise of Agon launches in China as the western version revives player cities

You deserve what you got.

Remember back in February when the two devs working on Darkfall Rise of Agon announced they were making a huge move: partnering with an investor to bring the game to Asia and heavily expand the dev team? Not only is it still happening, but it’s happening today.

The game’s new Chinese website says that the Asian VIP server – translated as “Peace World,” which is hilarious if you know anything about Darkfall – opens today, April 2nd. It also sounds as if there will be a free-play period starting next week. The Asian website is also promising to continue to post content over from the western version of the game, including the Embers of War Expansion and full localization for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese players.

We suspect that if the original developer, Aventurine, could see how far the players it allowed to rescue the game had gotten, it’d be pretty proud. Most recently, the dev team has apparently expanded to seven programmers; this past March, the studio pushed out the Dayar update, which focused on “incentivizing the use of player cities and promoting pvp raids.”

Source: Official site, ROA. Cheers, Chris!

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Criminally underrated MMO. It’s a shame that it has the original game’s visuals, rather than the sequel’s, though.


Unholy Wars didn’t look much better than the original & the sound system was a huge step backwards.