Grinding Gear Games collects Path of Exile 2 reveals ahead of April 8 livestream, doesn’t see beta until 2022


As we’ve reported, this coming Thursday, April 8th, will have a new livestream for Path of Exile, which will showcase a new look at Path of Exile 2. If you’ve forgotten all about that game somehow, the devs at Grinding Gear Games have rather helpfully pulled together all of the reveals, videos, and details that were shared up to this point. Incidentally, you can get our own hands-on impressions from ExileCon 2019.

The post isn’t all about showing off things that were already discussed, however. The tail end of the post confirms that accessing the sequel can be done from the regular POE client, which will allow fans to “choose what storyline [they] want to play through to reach the shared Atlas of Worlds endgame” and even let them use any store items in both versions of the ARPG. Furthermore, the post bookends with the reveal that there likely won’t be a beta for POE 2 until sometime in 2022 “at the earliest.” Expansion updates will continue to roll out for POE on the usual three-month cycle in the meantime.


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Chaos Engine

I know, COVID hasn’t made this easier. But how they could massively underestimate the development time for PoE 2 by such a long shot is beyond me.

They went from beta in late 2019 to Beta potentially in 2023 (if they say 2022 at the earliest).


Scope creep