Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box, Doritos promo (?), and latest round of PvP tweaks are live

The best thing ever added to Guild Wars 2, the Super Adventure Box, has returned to the game with the Super Adventure Festival. Furbish up your jumping skills and get moving through the retro-game maps only to die to that stupid toad. I hate that guy. The festival this year runs through April 27th, so you’ll have plenty of time to snap up the new Crimson Vanquisher weapons and jockey with the new achievements and mobs. Also – and this is not an April Fools’ joke – there’s a Doritos promotion.

“All that bouncing is sure to make you hungry. Awesome news! Every time you complete your daily Course Work: Super Adventure Festival meta-achievement, you’ll earn one entry to win a year’s supply of Doritos® snacks. Just log in every day and accomplish three of the superbly educational tasks offered under the Daily Super Adventure Festival category in your achievements panel.”

Super Adventure Box isn’t the only interesting addition to the game today. As ArenaNet has been teasing PvP changes that have now also gone live; notably, the game has removed some amulets from PvP healer build options and added Sigil of Transference to compensate, plus there are nerfs to Scourge builds. Hey, at least PvP is getting some attention, yeah?

“We’ll be evaluating the impact of tomorrow’s changes in addition to the recent March update on the side node meta and support builds. We still want dedicated support builds to be a viable option, and we’ll be paying close attention to how the meta develops following the removal of Mender and the addition of Transference.

Sigil of Transference has the potential to enable stronger healing from non-support builds that can afford to run Avatar or Sage amulet and may end up being too powerful for an individual sigil. We’re not opposed to enabling this type of build, but if they end up pushing dedicated supports completely out of the meta then we may reduce the outgoing healing granted by Transference and roll more outgoing healing into support traits or support runes to create a greater tradeoff for non-supports.

We’ve also considered the possibility that moving support builds from Mender to Avatar amulet could end up making them too squishy due to the reduction in self-healing. This is something that we’ll evaluate on a case-by-case basis, but we’re prepared to make further adjustments as necessary to find the right balance between squishiness and support power. This could involve buffs to more selfish survivability skills, or possibly further increasing outgoing support potential to justify the level of vulnerability.”

MMO YouTuber Mukluk has a great video discussing the impact of the changes on the game’s PvP meta, so we’re tucking that below.

Source: SAB, patch notes, PvP
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