Final Fantasy XIV prepares for its next live letter on May 15

Feelings felt

If Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers got you to feel a feeling, you have Natsuko Ishikawa to thank for that. And she’s working on the plot for Endwalker as well, so players have even more reason to look forward to being hit right in the feels by the game’s story. So it’s probably for the best that players can take the opportunity to ask her questions with the game’s next live letter, as she’ll be appearing as part of the stream during the game’s digital fan festival event on May 15th.

While the first half of the aforementioned letter will be all about patch 5.5 (which will include the second half of the main scenario questline leading into Endwalker as well as the conclusion of the Save the Queen story), the second half will feature Ishikawa taking questions from the forums. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the process behind writing for the game, so be sure to block out some time for the event in just around a month.

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