World of Warcraft introduces hotfixes to further increase Anima rewards in Shadowlands

Zeno's prepatch.

Despite attempts by World of Warcraft to increase the amount of Anima rewards in Shadowlands, there’s still been feedback from players that obtaining Anima is still too difficult. Hopefully, then, some recently released hotfixes will address the matter so players don’t feel like spending 10,000 Anima on a feature upgrade is the wrong choice.

These patches have added new achievements for upgrading all four Covenant Sanctum features to tiers 1, 2, and 3, which also scale Anima rewards upward when players earn each new achievement. With these changes, players can now earn as much as 245 Anima per world quest completed if they’ve brought all buildings up to tier 3. Furthermore, these new achievements are retroactive.

In other WoW news, the Burning Crusade Classic beta test temporarily saw the level 70 boosting realm open, which is a bit of a surprise but not entirely unexpected considering raid testing will be underway starting later today.

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