WoW’s Burning Crusade Classic beta tops out level cap, gets into raiding


Another week, another big step forward for Burning Crusade Classic’s test cycle. The beta finally raised the level cap to 70 for testers and opened up both the Eye of the Storm battleground and the arena to put PvP through its paces. Additionally, heroic dungeon modes are open for business.

Come next week, testers are invited to venture into the first three raids of the expansion: Karazhan on April 13th, Gruul on April 14th, and Magtheridon on April (you guessed it) 15th.

Don’t worry about frantically leveling and gearing a beta character for these WoW Classic raids, however: “Testing will take place on a new beta realm specifically configured for getting into the raids as quickly as possible. The new beta realm will have level 70 template characters enabled, as well as consumables and professions vendors in Shattrath.”

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