Black Desert adds Sage and cooking content on PC, character tagging and item copying on console

Hey cooks and likeminded lifeskillers! It’s your time to shine in Black Desert, as the PC version of the core MMORPG has today launched Martina Finto’s Cooking Festival. Players will want to take a character over level 30 and mosey on over to Finto farm to kick off the questline. Get cooking – we’re hungry! The rest of today’s PC update is on the wee side, touching on the blackstar shoes crafting, mining, chat, the UI, and a rebalance for the Sage, including his new skill enhancement.

“The enhanced skills for level 56 and 57 were released. The concept behind these skills was for Adventurers to pick between PvE or PvP focused skills. First, the level 56 enhanced skills. The PvE skill is Reconstructed Fist. It has a slow casting time but hits a large area with big damage. Then we have the PvP skill Ator’s Illusion, which can stun opponents instantly. Next, the level 57 enhanced skills. Energized Thorn is a ranged skill ideal for PvE that hits a large area and melts enemies. On the other hand, we have Piercing Thorn. Like its name, it pierces through the enemies in its path and knocks them down. As for making improvements for Sage, we have changed some of the commands so you will be able to use the skills you intended to use instead of the Flow skills. You will also be pleased to hear that we are currently working hard on Sage’s Awakening and will be revealing more soon.”

Of course, BDO has several other versions with updates worth a mention. Black Desert Mobile introduced a 10-level special mission, tweaks to world bosses and family characters, the Paladin rebalance, and Hadum’s Nightmare. Notably, Pearl Abyss posted a rundown of actions it’s recently taken against cheaters on mobile, but it’s literally only a handful of people.

Finally, on console, PA has added character tagging for easy swapping between your alts, Marni’s questline, and item copying. “We have finally added the Item Copy (Character Tag) feature allowing two characters to share the same gear,” the studio says. “Now you can tag your main character with a character you wish to try out and open a whole new set of gameplay options. Black Desert has a roster of over 20 classes, each with its own style and flavor. Yet, given how many players focus on gearing up just one character in MMORPGs, we thought long and hard about how to encourage adventurers to try out more classes. One of our answers to this question was the Weapon Exchange Coupons and now we have ‘Marni’s Suspicious Device’ to help alleviate the pressure. We hope that this new update can bring about a better experience when adventurers venture out to try other classes.”

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