Star Wars The Old Republic is handing out guild commendations due to a Conquest Invasions bug

Plus: A remaster of the original KOTOR RPG is apparently confirmed


While Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to get set for the release of Update 6.3, which as of right now is still hanging out on the PTS and due to arrive this spring, things in the current build of the game are a bit dicey for guilds that are running Conquest Invasions, which are reportedly not issuing the appropriate guild commendation rewards. Mercifully, BioWare is not only addressing this issue but ensuring that guilds will be getting some free stuff as recompense.

The bug in question is being attacked as part of Update 6.3, while all guilds will be handed 360 guild commendations once the update is live. These commendations will be dished out once one of the guild’s members logs in but only if guilds have a guild bank and haven’t otherwise hit their commendations cap. There’s still no launch date for Update 6.3 yet, however, but at least guilds know that help is on the way.

In tangential SWTOR news, an interview with Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has unveiled that rumors of a remake for Knights of the Old Republic are to be believed, with Schreier saying, “There’s something there, it’s real.” Schreier would later go on to say that Aspyr, the studio behind remakes for Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Jedi Academy, and Republic Commando would be helming the KOTOR remake. The full interview is embedded below.

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