The Elder Scrolls Online doubles up on rewards with the Explorer’s Celebration


There’s about two weeks left until the next major content drop (Blackwood, naturally) arrives for The Elder Scrolls Online, so maybe you think you’ve done just about all there is to do in the game for the moment. But perhaps you could be enticed back with… doubles? Specifically, a whole lot of doubled rewards during the Explorer’s Celebration? That’s running right now, and it gives players a nice chance to advance faster and get more for the same play.

For the duration of the event, players will earn double gold from all sources, double experience from all sources, and gain increased resources from harvesting nodes. (They’re not specifically doubled, but they’re doubled in spirit.) The experience gains in particular will stack with any and all other experience improvements, so you can see some pretty aggressive gains when you play. If that sounds like good times, make sure to get on it sooner rather than later, as the event runs until May 20th.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Gristoi Zir!

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Looks like I should resub and clear out all the crafting surveys I’ve been putting off.


Random, but I’ll take it. Now only if it applied to Undaunted rep as well.


I just returned to the game a week ago. I only had a little bit of time to play today but managed to get 23 Champion Points in 45 minutes. Not going to miss out on this one!


Perfect timing. Right AFTER I’ve spent a week popping exp scrolls and punching my way through the saved up ‘enlightened’ extra exp from being away. It turned it on literally right as I hit the no more extra exp.

Was trying to push my champ points up to get the decon skill…now I have it and was able to clear out all the extra greens/blues I had that I’d researched already(Still have some that need researched on em..and the usual extra gear for swapping and random stuff I can’t unload), and my characters have enough play space to actually do some questing so I’ve been pushing through some of the quests I never did in some areas…also to keep unlocking champ points…


Same here.