Jedi have arrived to Star Wars Galaxies’ Empire in Flames rogue server


We talk a lot about Star Wars Galaxies Legends and the SWGemu here on MOP, and we even covered the… let’s call it tumultuous launch of SWG Restoration III, but there are plenty of other SWG emulators and rogue servers rolling around the galaxy. Today I want to point to another one that I’ve tried in the past, Empire in Flames, which stood out to me as being exceptionally roleplayer-friendly, with a hybrid skill/class system, strict player cities, gobs of unique species, an NGE-like munitions revamp, a custom combat system, new instances, plans for underworld and Mandalorian content, and a setting that (as the name suggests) puts the storyline after the destruction of the second Death Star (which means many of the stock themeparks aren’t in the game).

“Empire in Flames began conceptually before the shutdown of the live servers with a design friendly to Roleplayers, PvE players, PvPers, and pilots. It started as, ‘What’s your ideal server?’ It started with a new profession system, expanded to housing and races, and dreamed of a Galactic Civil War in practice instead of imagination. In short, it’s the concept of a Star Wars game as dreamed by a small group of long-time Starsider players – players who were RPers, PvErs, PvPers, crafters, and pilots, none of whom fell into the trap that any of the major combat systems – pre-CU, CU, or NGE – was by any means perfect.”

MOP reader Gaius recently put the server back on my radar as the developers have begun posting new feature articles and released a big update in May called Schisms of the Force. And as the title suggests, it introduced a Jedi unlock system and Jedi content into the long-running emu.

The bad news is that someone has already beaten you to unlocking it, after several weeks of play. And while there is a mention of holocrons, the whole Jedi system appears to have been rewritten around alignment. “Jedi on EiF is built as an experience unlike any other – quests, meditation, travel, conversation, and only occasional combat in place of grinding massive quantities of XP,” the player devs write. “But some mysteries need to be unveiled – if only a little – to help new player Jedi understand their place in the galaxy.”

Source: EIF. Thanks, Gaius!
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