Grab a closed beta key for Gamigo’s new MOBA, Skydome


If you’ve missed out on Skydome’s stress test this month, then you’re in luck: We’ve got keys to get you into the ongoing closed beta even after the stress test closes this weekend. Readers will recall that Skydome is Gamigo’s latest title; it’s a 4v4 multiplayer hybrid MOBA/tower defense title that’s expected to hit early access in July.

“From the Skydome temple floating high in the skies, Champions are sent out to fight armies and monsters across the universe, using their own individual strategies and skills to create defenses and set up towers which help them dominate their opponents. The battles take place in challenging arenas, where Players must assemble a team of skilled heroes to defend their base and crush enemy walls while completing rewarding side objectives. No two Champions are alike, giving players the opportunity to explore new abilities, different defense towers and varying strategies with each hero. In Skydome, players delve right into fast-paced action matches in isometric 3D, with thrilling challenges waiting around every corner. Depending on each playstyle, players can craft elaborate defensive team strategies or face the battle head-on by utilizing special intervention skills to sabotage their opponents. Deathmazes, magic portals, and time manipulation are all part of a player’s toolset to become the ultimate champion in this epic tower-defense battle arena.”

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a key for the closed beta!

get your key

814 keys left!

Here’s how to redeem your code:

  • Visit the official website.
  • If you don’t yet have an account, register for one.
  • Log in to your Glyph account.
  • Go to Account -> Apply Code.
  • Enter your code and hit Apply.

We don’t know exactly when the closed beta ends, but we’re assuming it runs at least a few more weeks until the early access period gets underway; these keys should get you in for the duration of the test!

Standard giveaway notes: If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left! Sorry” in big letters, then we’re out of keys. If we get another batch from the studio, we’ll send out a note on social media. Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache. And finally, hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Good luck and have fun!


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Preston Ruhl



SUPER hard pass.


Gamigo? I’d better leave my key for somebody else. xD

I’m not touching any game made by Gamigo ever again. The best way to have them lose money is to ignore their existence.

Jeremy Barnes

Did no one tell them that we moved on from MOBA’s being the fotm?


Even if they did a Battle Royale, nobody would care, because of two reasons:

1. The Battle Royale fad died.
2. It’s Gamigo.