Elite Dangerous posts latest Odyssey patch notes plus delivers expansion’s first monthly dev report


Frontier Developments has tried to put out as much information as possible regarding Elite: Dangerous Odyssey in order to mollify fans who believe that the studio has missed the mark, primarily with the first of a promised series of monthly news articles to keep players abreast of what work is being done to right the expansion’s ship.

In the first monthly report, the post pulls five top issues from the over 27K issues in the player-submitted Issue Tracker and offers some general plans of action. Among these matters are promise of identified pathways to improving FPS performance, work on improving degraded terrain textures, confirmation that missions against anarchy factions were too impactful to the game’s background simulation and are continually being addressed, and a word about repetitive terrain features, which is noted as a harder problem to solve but one the dev team is actively investigating.

The post then talks about the longer update roadmap, once more reiterating the intention to work on Odyssey for console but noting that previous updates and community requests are causing problems for the team’s previous roadmap and plans. “We are actively investigating, reviewing, and remeasuring the further roadmap but these things will take a little time,” reads the post.

In terms of more immediate updates for Odyssey, the game’s fifth patch has been applied, headlined by the introduction of a mission sharing system, brighter lighting for ship interiors, and a sizeable list of improvements to the ship outfitting UI among many other fixes and adjustments. This latest patch hasn’t arrived without its own suite of troubles, however: Mauve Adder errors have forced a server reboot, there’s at least one report of a Blue Cobra error with every hyperspace jump, and another player has shared some video evidence of what is described as worse planetary rendering than with update 4.

sources: official forums (1, 2, 3, 4), Twitter (1, 2), cheers Stuart
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