EverQuest II deploys a multi-faceted patch of fixes


Sometimes you just need to make a boss’s stare less smoldering. Other times you need to make sure that a Necromancer’s pet is referred to by the right name. All that and more is in the latest patch for EverQuest II, which annoyingly enough for those of us who write about these things lacks any sort of useful narrative throughline to grasp upon. There’s no major change or fix here; there are a lot of little fixes across the board.

Not to say that’s a bad thing, of course; we’re absolutely certain that anyone who had strong feelings about level locked players receiving credit for PvP kills will find it important that this will no longer be the case. It just defies any sort of easy summary. It’s not like, say, a patch fixing one aspect of the game, because this fixes a lot of little issues across the board. Then again, if you were annoyed that the Queen’s Great Axe of Fortitude had a description not matching its appearance, this plethora of various fixes will probably make you plenty happy.


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