Dual Universe details the tracking, mining, and fighting to be done for asteroids

You ruined a perfectly good asteroid mechanic.

Asteroids in Dual Universe! You know how to play this; you just rotate your ship a little bit and shoot at the asteroids while they come closer, but you have to – oh, wait, that’s not how asteroids work here. No, instead they’re resource-rich balls of rock floating through space, designed to be spontaneous hotspots for PvP as players race to track the various asteroids that spawn in order to mine out useful components from the rocks.

Players might stumble upon an asteroid randomly, but a better option is to use the DSAT system to find discovered or undiscovered asteroids and head to them promptly. Of course, once an asteroid is properly discovered there’s a narrow window of time before everyone can see what it has to offer, and there’s no such thing as a claim to mining on a given asteroid. So asteroids become a place for players to fight over who gets to dig up rocks, if you wanted a reason for PvP beyond simply having the option.


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Jon Wax

The option to fight is there.

What, economically, can be gained would be the reason. But if it’s just cosmetics and or gear grind that reason is really thin these days.

Kinda need some overarching purpose as to why your grind tastes better then their grind cuz it all tastes like chicken right now

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