Wild Terra 2 adds horses and healing with its next update arriving July 29

Small, angry.

If you’re quietly gathering from a tree and see a small squirrel run up to you yelling and chittering in rage, is your first thought, “I could befriend this animal”? Then Wild Terra 2’s next update is for you, as one of the changes being added is the chance for small angry animals to spawn when gathering or fishing, and those animals will be available for taming. Isn’t that what you really want from any MMO?

Sure, you could focus on the new healing skill line which offers six new abilities and improves your abilities to support other players in combat. Or you could focus on the addition of daggers, which bring with them three new abilities for all the backstabbing you could want. You could even focus on taming horses, which are actual mounts you can ride. But if your heart isn’t warmed by the idea of spawning little angry critters you can subsequently befriend, we’re not friends any more. Start making angry forest friends on July 29th.

Source: Steam

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